Photogenic Bird

With my last post I re-discovered the reasons I stopped blogging last year: the free version of WordPress simply doesn’t have the features I would like in order to put together the website I envision.

Not to despair.  I am learning, figuring things out.  While finding places to publicize my T-Shirt giveaway, I entered a blog giveaway for a free year of web hosting with BlueHost.  AND I won!   Now I HAVE to put together a REAL website!

I have been wracking my brain, trying to come up with a domain name that represents the content that I will be publishing.  My favorite names so far, the witty, clever ones, have already been taken by other people.  It’s astounding that a person can brainstorm as much as I have been doing lately and still feel surrounded by a drought-ridden creative landscape.

I will be taking a break for a bit to work on other things.  Somehow I doubt that doing my taxes will be conducive to the creative process…

My Sengal parrot, Buddy, inspired me to have a little fun and put together another giveaway, this one for $75 Amazon or Paypal.

It will be posted on my website (eventually).  In the mean time please click below to enter.


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